September 28, 2022
Masteron Review

Despite its allure, Masteron is quite limited in terms of its application and what it can provide in terms of Masteron dosages and cycles. It is limited in part by its higher average price compared to the majority of anabolic steroids and also by its moderate anabolic strength rating. This is a compound that specializes in a few areas, such as pre-contest cycles, cutting cycles, and, more rarely, lean mass cycles. However, there is no reason why it cannot be used for bulking cycles as well, though this is extremely uncommon due to the product’s limitations.

What is Masteron?

Drostanolone Propionate, or Masteron as it is more commonly known, is a popular cutting compound that is particularly popular among bodybuilders because it performs best in individuals who are already lean, cut, and have low-fat levels.

Masteron is particularly effective at assisting you in burning off those last few stubborn ounces of fat that can be difficult to shift with other compounds, while also assisting you in achieving the hardest and dry appearance possible, as this steroid does not cause fluid retention.

Masteron is not a compound that should be added to a steroid cycle without first understanding its precise purpose and function. This is a compound that is best suited for competitive bodybuilders or those with the most discipline to perform the best possible cutting cycle for maximum results.

How Does Masteron Work?

How Does Masteron Work

There are two forms of Masteron: enanthate and propionate. The more commonly used form of this steroid is drostanolone propionate.

Propionate differs from enanthate in that propanoic acid is added to the propionate, which forms a complex ester bond with Masteron. Propanoic acid prolongs the time required for the steroid to be eliminated from the body. Once in the bloodstream, the body’s own enzymes dissociate the hormone from the ether, resulting in the release of pure Masteron. Drostanolone enanthate is excreted from the body in approximately 2-3 days, while enanthate is excreted in approximately 10 days.

Masteron is used to accomplish specific objectives as well as to consolidate results. It is not an aromatase inhibitor and thus does not cause edema or gynecomastia. That is, Masteron will not cause excess water to accumulate in the water or cause man boobs (also known as gynecomastia). Masteron actually thins the skin by promoting a lean, taut physique.

According to some reports, Masteron may even slightly inhibit the aromatase hormone’s activity. This steroid has a relatively mild and moderate effect on the body. It is not beneficial to achieve a rapid and significant increase in muscle tissue. While taking Masteron alone will not guarantee success, it will assist in consolidating previous results.

If the dosage is followed, you will notice no or very little muscle mass. You will retain the muscle that your body has developed over time, but you will not gain any. This is an excellent steroid for females, particularly those who compete in bikini, figure, physique, or bodybuilding. This steroid will literally add the finishing touches to a pre-contest cycle.

Additionally, Drostanolone aids in the development of beautiful muscle definition by increasing the density of muscle tissues. Drostanolone aids in fat loss increases overall body strength and significantly decreases catabolic processes.

Masteron Benefits

Masteron is most effective when used during a cutting cycle. It is frequently regarded as a weaker steroid due to its lack of mass-building capabilities, but not all steroids are designed for bulking, and this one has a very specific and niche purpose that will suit anyone looking for the most extreme results possible from a cutting cycle.

The following are the primary benefits and side effects associated with Masteron:

Weight Loss

Masteron can aid in fat loss but is not a fat loss compound in and of itself. It can help you maintain a lean physique and also works well when combined with potent fat-burning steroids such as Winstrol. Additionally, Masteron is not a mass gainer, but it may aid in overall muscle hardening.

A Hard and Dry Appearance

With no water retention to bloat you and prevent you from achieving that desired dry and hard look, Masteron is the ultimate late-stage cutting steroid for physique enhancement, whether for serious personal goals or competition preparation. If your body fat is already low, Masteron will benefit you the most by enhancing your tone. As a result, this is a steroid that will be highly regarded by those who have already invested considerable time and effort with other compounds, as well as with a well-planned restricted calorie diet and appropriate workout program.

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Increased Strength

Masteron can provide some mild strength gains, which can help improve workouts and is beneficial for users looking for some strength gains without the large mass gains associated with many other stronger anabolic steroids.

Enhances the Effectiveness of Other Steroids

The majority of people will stack Masteron with other steroid compounds, and one of the additional benefits of doing so is not only to benefit from Masteron’s positive effects as part of the stacked cycle, but also to help the other steroids work more effectively for a variety of reasons. One is because Masteron possesses excellent anti-aromatase and anti-estrogen properties.

However, a lesser-known effect of Masteron is its ability to inhibit the binding of certain Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) to other steroids in the cycle, thereby reducing their effectiveness. By limiting this binding activity, the other steroids you’re taking in conjunction with Masteron will be able to perform to their full potential. Masteron’s unique properties make it an ideal steroid for stacking with a wide variety of other anabolic steroids.

Another significant advantage of Masteron is that it does not aromatize and thus does not cause estrogen-related side effects. Additionally, it is known to have anti-estrogen properties. This is why it is such an effective breast cancer treatment drug. Depending on the other steroids used in a cycle with Masteron, those with a lower aromatizing effect but some estrogenic activity may be able to be offset by Masteron’s anti-estrogen activity.

How To Use Masteron

Getting the best results from Masteron will depend on not only how well you train and eat while on the steroid, but also on what other compounds you stack it with. With a little forethought, you can design the ideal cycle for your experience level and personal objectives.

Dosage for Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced

The vast majority of users will require a low dose of Masteron. This is not a mass-gaining steroid, and increasing the dose in an attempt to gain muscle is pointless, as other compounds are far more suitable for that purpose. Masteron should not be taken in doses greater than 400mg per week for physique enhancement.

Because beginners are unlikely to want to take less than a 200mg weekly dose of Masteron for physique enhancement, this is considered a good starting dose if this is your first time using this compound. While most other steroids have a maximum recommended dosage, Masteron does not and even encourages increasing dosages up to or near the maximum recommended dosage for any user. Masteron’s hardening and other physique-enhancing effects kick in at 400mg weekly, regardless of user level, making this one of the few steroids in which beginners can use the same amount as even the most advanced users.

As with beginners, intermediate-level users will benefit greatly from the 400mg weekly dose, as there are no benefits to increasing the dose and no way to achieve the best results with a much lower dose. 400mg is considered the sweet spot for Masteron use in any cycle, regardless of the stacking agent used by an intermediate user.

Advanced users typically stick to a 400mg dose, fully aware that Masteron cannot and will not act as the primary anabolic steroid in any cycle, with that role being filled by compounds with significantly stronger anabolic effects.

Appropriate Administration and Timing of Masteron

The duration of your Masteron doses will be entirely dependent on the variant you are using. If you are able to obtain the Enanthate variant, you can inject twice weekly, dividing your weekly dosage into two injections. If your weekly dose is 400mg, divide it into two injections of 200mg each.

While it may be tempting to administer the entire dose in a single injection per week in order to reduce the overall number of injections required, you run the risk of blood levels not remaining optimal for the duration of the week. Splitting the dose ensures a consistent and optimal Masteron level throughout your cycle.

If you choose Drostanolone Propionate, you will require much more frequent injections due to its shorter elimination half-life, which means that the effects will quickly fade if the hormone is not administered regularly. This variant of Masteron should be injected daily during the cycle, although one injection every two days is acceptable. Propionate should be taken once daily for the best results and to ensure that your levels remain stable.

Dosage for Women

Both the dosage and duration of Masteron use are critical factors in avoiding virilization symptoms in females. A maximum of six weeks should be considered for use, although as little as four weeks can still provide satisfactory results and further reduce the risk of masculine side effects.

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In order to avoid virilization effects, female steroid users should not exceed a weekly dose of 50mg to no more than 100mg. It has been well established through medical use of Masteron in women that doses greater than this carry a very high risk of virilization, necessitating the compound’s discontinuation.

Masteron Cycles

Masteron Cycles

Whatever your level of experience with anabolic steroids, if you’re using Masteron as part of a cutting cycle, almost everyone will want to supplement the cycle with a testosterone steroid to maintain functional testosterone levels. This means that men should never be prescribed a Masteron-only cycle, as severe testosterone suppression is almost certain to occur.

Masteron Cycle for Beginners

Masteron and Testosterone are the two enanthate steroids used in this basic beginner cycle. By combining the steroids with the same ester, their release rates will be comparable, making administration easier and more convenient, as both will require infrequent injections.

The dosage of testosterone used in this cycle will vary depending on whether you’re looking to gain some muscle and strength or simply want to use it for testosterone maintenance. Increased testosterone levels can increase your risk of developing aromatase-related side effects such as gyno, which Masteron’s natural aromatase inhibitor activity may not be strong enough to combat, necessitating the use of an external aromatase inhibitor drug. Low-dose testosterone of 100mg to 200mg per week is unlikely to cause this complication.

To achieve the best results, combine testosterone at your desired dose with 400mg Masteron weekly, divided into two doses where both steroids can be combined and administered concurrently. This 12-week beginner cycle allows new users to evaluate Masteron’s effects and results without the interference or interaction of more powerful steroids.

Masteron Cycle for Intermediate Users

Users who are already aware of the benefits of Masteron are prepared to combine it with other potent compounds to maximize their cutting and physique enhancement potential. Anavar is a popular addition to this cycle due to its superior fat-burning and physique-sculpting properties. Testosterone is not used as an anabolic agent during this cycle. During this cycle, 100mg of testosterone weekly will suffice.

Anavar is an oral steroid that is highly effective at increasing metabolic rate and lipolysis. Adding an oral steroid to this cycle raises the possibility of liver stress, but Anavar at lower doses is not considered to pose such a risk. This ten-week cycle utilizes the propionate variant of Masteron at a dose of 400mg weekly and Anavar at a dose of up to 70mg daily, but 50mg is frequently sufficient for excellent results.

Masteron Cycle for Advanced Users

Advanced users will be aiming for maximum physique hardening with some moderate mass gains through the addition of a more anabolic compound to the cycle, which can be Trenbolone Acetate.

Additionally, adding a testosterone ester to the cycle at a maintenance dose will prove beneficial. 100mg of Testosterone Propionate weekly will suffice in this area. This cycle allows for more bulking potential with Trenbolone, which when combined with Masteron offers some serious physique-altering potential if your training and nutrition are aligned with these goals.

This is one of the most effective pre-contest combinations because it hardens the physique with two compounds that do not aromatize. However, keep in mind that Trenbolone has a high affinity for the progesterone receptor, which may cause some gyno, so having anti-estrogen medications on hand is ideal during this cycle. To achieve the best results during this ten-week cycle, take 100mg Testosterone Propionate weekly, 400mg Masteron Propionate weekly, and 400mg Trenbolone Acetate weekly.

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Masteron Side Effects

Masteron does not have the estrogenic side effects that many steroid users fear. This means that when you use Masteron, water retention and gynecomastia will not occur. This is critical for cutting because it means that Masteron will prevent you from developing the bloated appearance that can ruin your physique.

However, there are additional adverse effects to consider prior to using Masteron. Fortunately, it is a relatively mild steroid in terms of adverse effects, at least in comparison to more powerful steroids, but there are some significant potential side effects that will be familiar to anyone who has used other steroids. Among them are

Androgenic Effects

If you are genetically predisposed to hair loss or baldness, Masteron’s androgenic activity can accelerate the onset of this problem. Because hair loss is one of the few side effects that is solely determined by genetics, not every man will experience it. Similarly, acne and increased oiliness of the skin are more prevalent in men who previously suffered from severe acne as adolescents.

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Effects on Cholesterol

Perhaps the most serious possible side effect of Masteron is a rise in bad cholesterol (LDL) while simultaneously decreasing levels of good cholesterol (HDL) (HDL).

Masteron carries a significant risk of negative cholesterol effects, and anyone with pre-existing high cholesterol is advised to avoid using this steroid entirely. For the rest of us, it is critical to closely monitor our cholesterol levels throughout the cycle and to adhere to a cholesterol-friendly diet.

Because Masteron is primarily used during cutting cycles, it is unlikely that your diet will contain foods that raise cholesterol. However, it is not just what you avoid, but what you do consume that matters – so eating omega-3 fatty acid-rich foods and other cholesterol-friendly items like avocado, nuts, and garlic is also critical. Cardiovascular exercise at the gym as part of your cutting cycle will also help you maintain a healthy cholesterol level while on a Masteron cycle.

Testosterone Suppression

This is a steroid that significantly suppresses the production of natural testosterone in the body. As a result, it is absolutely necessary to include a testosterone steroid in your cycle in order to avoid falling into a state of low testosterone.

Only a low dose of testosterone is required to fulfill this role during your Masteron cycle, as you will be using the steroid solely for testosterone replacement.

While testosterone production will resume following the completion of a cycle, this is a lengthy and slow process that you do not want to wait for – this is why a good PCT plan is critical to reactivating testosterone production much more quickly and avoiding the low testosterone state where you will lose muscle, gain fat, lack mental and physical energy, and lose your libido.

Due to the fact that Masteron is based on DHT, which is significantly more androgenic than testosterone, it poses a relatively high risk of virilization in female users. As a result, it is not an ideal steroid for use by the majority of women unless used at low doses and side effects are closely monitored, and use of Masteron is discontinued if effects such as a deeper voice and increased body hair growth occur.

Final Thoughts

The final word on Masteron is that it is a steroid that is extremely effective at cutting and is a very popular choice for cutting cycles. However, it is not without its drawbacks.

While it is a relatively mild steroid, it is still a steroid, and as such it will cause a number of side effects.

Because Masteron is a fairly new steroid, the research on its side effects is still limited. However, based on the information available, it appears that Masteron is a steroid that is relatively safe and effective for cutting cycles.

As a result, it is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a cutting steroid that is relatively mild in side effects and effective at cutting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When to Inject Masteron?

Masteron is injected intramuscularly, just like any other injectable steroid, with the goal of getting the solution deep into the muscle tissue and into the bloodstream. To avoid nerve damage in smaller muscles, larger, stronger muscles are chosen. To avoid irritation or injury, the injection site should be rotated on a regular basis. The most common injection sites for Masteron and other anabolic steroids are the buttocks, thigh, and deltoid (upper arm/shoulder) muscles.

  1. Is it Possible to Stack Masteron?

Yes, you can stack Masteron with almost any other steroid, and doing so is extremely beneficial. Because of its anti-estrogen activity and ability to help prevent SHBG binding, a process that can have a negative impact on the function of some steroids, Masteron’s beneficial properties not only contribute to your results directly, but also aid in the effectiveness of how other steroids work in the body.

  1. Is Masteron Safe for Women to Use?

Females can take Masteron, but they should be aware of the high risk of virilization. Females can only use Masteron at low doses and for short cycles of no more than 6 weeks, but even then, side effects such as body hair growth and voice deepening can occur; if this happens, women should either reduce the dosage further or stop using Masteron completely, and the side effects will go away.

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